Ka-50 HOKUM Single Seat Attack Helicopter

Ka-50 HOKUM Single Seat Attack Helicopter
The KA-50 is a powerful battle helicopter that is in restricted service with the Russian Air Force. This aircraft isn't fielded. only a handful of prototypes exist, and it's not yet been approved for full-scale production. There are 2 versions of the Hokum. The Ka-50 Hokum-A is a single seat close support helicopter and Ka-52 Hokum-B two seat trainer and combat version.

Ka-50 "Black Shark" is a single-seat attack helicopter for destroying armored vehicles, slow-speed air targets and manpower on the battlefield. The Mi-28N and Kamov Ka-50 are competing to fulfil the Russian Army Aviation demand for a night-capable anti-tank helicopter, a replacement to the Mi-24 created 25 years ago.

The Ka-50 has appeared in only a few variants and principally developmental types that attempted to shore up limitations in the original design. The V-80 represented the originals prototype designation and was followed by two V-80Sh-1 "Shturmovik-1" pre-production models. a night capable Ka-50 appeared in the form of the Ka-50N and Ka-50Sh varieties. The Ka-50-2 was to be an export product while the Ka-50-2 "Erdogan" was in competition for Turkish sale and represented a joint Kamov/Israeli attempt that includes a twin-tandem cockpit. The Ka-52 "Alligator" was a revised Ka-50 design with twin-seating in ade-by-side format and was an all-weather, day / night capable attack system.

The KA-50 features distinctive maneuvrability and operating characteristics because of the contra-rotating co-axial rotors. The coaxial counter-rotating rotor system negates the requirement for a tail rotor and its drive system. due to this, this aircraft is unaffected by wind strength and direction, has an unlimited hovering turn rate, and offers a smaller profile and acoustic signature, while allowing a 10-15% bigger power margin. The HOKUM is absolutely aerobatic. It can perform loops, roll, and "the funnel", where the aircraft will maintain a targeted point of fire while flying circles of varying altitude, elevation, and air speed round the target.