AW149 Medium Multi-purpose Helicopter

AW149 Medium Multi-purpose Helicopter
The AW149 new generation multi-purpose, medium category helicopter with inherent multi-role capabilities designed to satisfy modern military and government needs. The unique large unobstructed cabin permits flexibility in area utilisation and seating configuration.

The helicopter contains with five-bladed main rotor of diameter 14m and a four-bladed tail rotor. The rotors are ballistic tolerant. the first flight is scheduled for late 2009 and certification is predicted in late 2011.

The helicopter can be equipped for different missions like medical evacuation and command and control. in the medical evacuation role, the cabin accommodates two to six stretchers, four attendants and in-flight medical equipment. For command and control missions, the AB149 is supplied with a suite of command, control and communications (C3) systems with two workstations.

The AW149 helicopter powered by two 1,500kW category turboshaft engines giving the aircraft exceptionally sensible hot and high performance. The engines are fitted with an air particle separator. A closed circuit refuelling system permits fast refuelling. Safety systems include anti and de-icing systems, an emergency flotation system and wire strike protection.