MI-8 HIP Multi-role Transport Helicopter

MI-8 HIP Multi-role Transport HelicopterThe MI-8 HIP is a multi-role transport helicopter able of carring troops or food as able-bodied as administering armed attackes with rockets and guns. It is generally acclimated to resupply guerrillas, admit detachments or accommodate abutting air abutment to advancing units. Designed as a carriage helicopter, the Mi-8 accepted a multi-purpose machine. The cable alien suspension, able with the weight-measuring device, makes it accessible to backpack ample admeasurement cargoes belief up to three tons. If required, it became both combat, accomplishment and arms ascertainment helicopter.

The large, five-blade capital rotor is army over the engine at the physique midsection, while a weapon-carrying belvedere is army at the lower physique midsection. Alien food are army on weapons racks on anniversary ancillary of the fuselage. The HIP C has four alien hardpoints; the HIP E, HIP H, accept six; added variants accept none. Not all accessible ammunition are active at one time, mission dictates weapon configuration.

Twin turboshaft engines are army on top of the assembly with two annular air intakes just aloft the cockpit and angled bankrupt ports aft. It is powered by two TV2117A turboshafts (2 x 1120 kW, or 2 x 1250 kW over a abbreviate time). The Mi-8 is able of single-engine flight in the accident of accident of ability by one engine (depending on aircraft mission weight) because of an engine amount administration system. If one engine fails, the added engine's achievement is automatically added to acquiesce connected flight.